How were we born?

AMIGO TRANSLATIONS is the new proud member of the BMA – BUFETE MEJIA & ASOCIADOS group of companies.

BUFETE MEJIA & ASOCIADOS is one of the most renowned IP, Advertising and Regulatory law firms in the Americas. We originated as a result of the perceived necessity from companies and individuals around the world to have quick and reliable translation services of patent description, summaries and other legal documents adapted to the latin american market and have now expanded considerably to provide with general and specialized ENGLISH – FRENCH – PORTUGUESE and ITALIAN to Spanish translations.

The total quality controls and specialized personnel, with a background not only as linguistics but also in the legal profession, provide clients with the adequate term as used and understood by Spanish-speakers throughout the region. We have a experienced team of specialized in-house translators as well as freelancers providing of general, legal, technical and specialized translation services.

All our members have university degrees and translation experience. We use the most up-to-date translation tools and undergo continuous training and education.