To request our translation services

1.- Send us a clear (readable) scanned copy of the document that needs translation. We do not require the original document.

2 .- Once accepted the budget and after receiving the receipt of payment by fax or e-mail, our translator will start working on the translation of your document.

3.- Once the translation is completed within the previously agreed term, it will be sent to the provided email address.

Our charges are calculated based on the following:

.doc, .pdf, .jpg, .tif, and excel: Will be calculated based on the word count (page of 200 words) of the source material if countable; otherwise, chargeable pages shall be determined based on the word count of the output translation.

Each slide in Power Point presentations is considered half page in most cases. Each one of the figures, diagrams and charts is considered half page.

Certificates will be charged on the basis of full pages regardless of word count.

Notarization: documents which need a notarization or legalization will cost extra.

Discount: special discount shall be granted for long-term contracts.

Extremely urgent translations and tight deadlines shall cost extra.


Attach file (.bmp|.jpg|.jpeg|.pdf) 10MB Max.